BODE rope brakes certified according to EN81-20/50:2014

In the safety system, the rope brake acts on the lift rope to restrict the overspeed of the ascending car and as a brake to prevent unintended car movement (UCM).

We can think of it as a multi-purpose tool, as it can be triggered either by mechanical safety components like the BODE overspeed governor, or by electronic safety components, which must be type-certified according to EN 81-20/50.2014 and meet the criteria for UCM protection.

This component operates pneumatically. The compressor, also in our product portfolio, generates the required operating pressure between 6 bar and 8 bar.

With its daily function test at any user-defined time, the BODE RBC-14 rope brake controller also ensures the greatest possible safety. All components on the lift rope are thus monitored continuously, and act on the lift rope immediately in the event of overspeed or UCM.

If maintenance work must be performed on the lift, or the lift needs to be loaded or unloaded at stops, the rope brake can simply be locked for additional safety.

The rope brake is virtually maintenance-free, which makes it ideal for use in virtually any lift or conveyor system.


  1. Virtually maintenance-free safety component
  2. Does not damage lift ropes (confirmed by a study of the German Institute for Conveyor Technology and Logistics)
  3. Easy to install and retrofit on existing lifts without dismantling the lift rope
  4. Space-saving installation, e.g. in equipment room, between drive pulley and guide pulley or on shaft ceiling
  5. Simple operation – even when installed in hard-to-access locations
  6. Easy rescue of persons when the rope brake is actuated
  7. Long stroke with even braking force. No readjustment of rope brake necessary, even if the ropes grind into the brake linings
  8. In the event of a malfunction – error codes displayed on the RBC 14 PC board to enable faster troubleshooting



The BODE product portfolio offers a choice of three rope brake types:

Type Payloads (kg) max. Brake force (N) max. Rope speed (m/s) Rope distance (mm)
SB 200 EU-BD 496 200-700 13.000 Vn 8,7 Va 10,0 110
Rope brakes SB 330/SB 331 EU-BD 497
Type Payloads (kg) max. Brake force (N) max. Rope speed (m/s) Rope distance (mm)
SB 330 EU-BD 497 700-1600 34.000 Vn 8,7 Va 10,0 180
SB 331 EU-BD 497 700-1600 34.000 Vn 8,7 Va 10,0 255