Overspeed governor type 8 / 200 mm – now available till 2,04 m/s tripping speed

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Quality and reliability has a good name: Bode Components.

For over 111 years, the high quality of our products is one of the foundations of our successful business. It is an important criterion in the purchasing decision, and forms a reliable bond with our customers. It is our obligation to maintain the reputation and success of our company and strengthen. We strive to meet customer demands in full. This commitment requires a great efforts of the quality of our products and company structures.

Our Overspeed Governors, Rope Brakes, Tension Weights and accessories provide worldwide in elevators for maximum security. Safety  is the central concept in our company philosophy. Our staff are specialists in their field who are happy to take time to advise you in detail and professionaly. To ensure optimum function of our products – and therefore safety in elevators, we ensure that only perfect quality components leave our house.

Our production process is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2008* and is regularly monitored.

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* Type Examination Certificates