Maintaining and servicing an overspeed governor


BODE overspeed governors are essentially maintenance-free. However, any safety-relevant component is only as good as its condition. Consequently, the overspeed governor should be inspected regularly and serviced as necessary.

Please note that the overspeed governor is just one part of a complex system that consists of:

  • Overspeed governor
  • Tensioning weight
  • Overspeed governor rope
  • Safety catch
  • Or auxiliary brake

All these components are important parts of any safety system. And this system can only function as intended when all parts are matched to each other and in proper working order. Each of these components has its own individual characteristics, which must be inspected and service. Please note that maintenance and servicing plans must consider more than just the overspeed governor.

Servicing relates to ensuring the smooth running of the mechanical release system of the overspeed governor. Depending on where it is used, this requires active support. Even aside from external weather effects, a wide range of climatic conditions can prevail in a lift shaft.

Even under normal conditions in a shaft or equipment room at an operating temperature between 0° C and +40° C, entirely different operating states can prevail on account of the maximum and minimum frequencies of use of the lift system.

As this component uses a physical pendulum, the mobility of the individual modules plays a great role. Soiling of the release mechanism can affect its operation.

It is important to take the individual conditions on site into account to preserve the condition of a new overspeed governor over the long term. For this purpose, we use a light oil (type HN 68 or WD-40).